Davidoff Danish Mixture

Davidoff. A heavy-hitter name among luxury brands, for sure. And here it is printed on a pipe tobacco tin —my goodness — I must have some. But you don’t have to button up your best collared shirt and slink into one of Davidoff’s flagship stores, no, this stuff can be purchased online, and from various retailers, well-detached from whatever social judgments haunt the patrons of a Davidoff brick-and-mortar (I wouldn’t know!). Though I’d imagine one can also find Danish Mixture tucked somewhere among the fine cigars and pipes at a Davidoff shop, if you’re inclined to do so.

And what of the watches and cologne (and leather and pens and “accessories”)? Is it the same guy? Indeed. Davidoff is well-known for their array of luxo-goods, perhaps with more notoriety than for their tobaccos. For these items, you might be better off simply referencing your local department store, as the company appears to segregate their tobacco and non-tobacco detachments, both in-store and online.

I’m getting off track here. Yes, Davidoff Danish mixture. An aromatic with a pedigree. Does it live up to its name? Or is it a mislabeled poseur?  Let’s have a smoke and see if this blend can distinguish itself.

There’s a few weeks of jar time here.


Davidoff Danish Mixture is a Burley/Cavendish/Virginia aromatic made in Denmark and described as:

“Zino Davidoff’s Special Blend of the finest tobaccos”

For the curious, Zino Davidoff was the founder of the existing company, a Ukrainian-Swiss fellow who turned his parent’s small, turn-of-the-century tobacco business into a global empire by mid-century.

Danish Mixture is today blended by Orlik and purportedly flavored with figs, honey, maple and walnut. [1] I purchased a 50g tin of Davidoff Danish Mixture from SmokingPipes.com for $9.91 USD. This tobacco can be found widely online.

Light golden strips of perfumed tobacco. Very comfy.


The jar note delivers candied figs up front, syrupy and sweet and very round. There is a pleasant nuttiness, though I would classify it as hazel, as opposed to walnut. Light raisin undertones and a satisfying maple aroma are available to deep inhalers. Everything is well-grounded, the note is dry and slightly woody, like hay.

Moisture here is spot on after a few weeks in a half-empty jar. At least for my taste. I’m remembering a tobacco that was 90% ready by my estimations when it was fresh from the tin. I’ll say minimal drying time needed, unless you prefer a very crispy experience.

The ribbon cut feels airy and loose. No unpleasant stickiness. It all makes for an uncomplicated pinch-and-pack maneuver.

That aroma, though. So mild and sweet, but earthy. Such balance between aromatic and natural tobacco aromas makes one all the more eager to light up.

Golden, not gilded. Top-shelf fragrance here.


The first light brings honeyed raisins and fig preserves to the tip of the tongue and the back of the mind. Retrohales are very mild and nutty, with a well developed hay and grass earthtone. Danish Mixture’s sweet smoke has a light body, though some may allege “stickiness” as the dark-fruit flavors can cling.

It’s not cloying by any measure, though there are traces of decadence.

So far the smoke is quite dry and cool, but with a well defined tobacco spice keeping things interesting. The maple flavoring is an understated, back of the throat indulgence.

Our room note here is certainly redolent of burnt tobaccos, but with considerable sweetness. It’s tangy too, which strengthens the grassy flavors and tenders citrus on the sides of the tongue.

There’s no bite, contrary to what several reviews opine, though this character probably owes as much to the storage conditions I’ve created as it does to Mr. Davidoff’s artisanship. I’m remembering my first experience with this blend, weeks back. Out of the fresh tin it was a nibbler for sure. Now though, damn-easy smoking. Relights have been rare, and self-inflicted through negligence.

A Danish pipe, with a Danish blend, produced in Denmark. There’s a lot to like here, pipe smokers.

The second half retains the pleasant retrohale, though it has become slightly spicier and more toasty, almost buttery. The Burley near bowl’s end showcases deeper nuttiness, enhanced by its filtration of the now white, ashen top sections. A tart minerality crystallizes at the back of the throat, like drinking fortified water or seltzer. Long smokes are well-rewarded here.

A seductive and stimulating complement to your favorite caffeine-laden soda at any stage of the bowl, there’s good reason to keep coming back to this one. The blend offers complex zest to satiate note-scribbling flavor-chasers, while its mild manners and luscious sweetness will charm the most tranquil every-day smoker.

One luxurious experience from one luxurious namesake, Davidoff’s Danish Mixture is an aromatic worthy of comparison to any brand out there. For those who revel in the middle-ground between aromatic and tobacco flavor, this might even be your gold standard.

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