Mail Calls #2

While this does not match in sheer quantity my Mail Calls #1 haul, I think the quality displayed here is something worth mentioning.

Yes, it’s that time again. And yes I’ve ordered from again. If I don’t switch it up soon, I’ll be labeled a dirty, dirty SHILL. But I can’t help it. The prices are always good, and the shipping is always so free, and I’m anything but a disloyal customer, especially when I’ve already been seduced by discounts and easy-on-the-eyes web design. I’m certainly not being paid for ordering from and mentioning (quite the opposite!).

Two parcels and a long, bubble wrapped…thing of some sort.

Moving forward, I needed to satisfy my (still raging) TAD and PAD, and so I sat down, took a long, loving, but nevertheless longing look at my collection, and asked myself, “how can I justify more tobacco and pipes?” After sorting out the spatial logistics of which jars would stand where, and what tins would stack there, and how to prepare for when I repeat the whole process again in a few weeks, I paged through my blog for inspiration.

Truly, a freakishly long stem.

It was in the Vauen Auenland: The Shire entry that I found it. There are two other Auenland blends out there: the Morning and Evening mixtures. Three mixtures total. Three The Hobbit movies (why it was not simply one is beyond me). Three Lord of the Rings movies. THREE. Don’t you see the connection??

Boom. Just justified two tins of high-end pipe tobacco.

Now the pipe: well, I did remark that the original Auenland blend was a fine reason to buy a churchwarden, and what better way to round out my Treatise Trilogy of Teutonic Tinned Tobacco than with a proper, Gandalfian smoking instrument?

The green bag was a nice touch, I thought.

And so there’s the pipe sorted. Not bad at all.

As for the two Lane Limited tins. Well, variety is the spice of life I suppose, and they don’t just give free shipping to any order, and just look at the fine tin art on display from Lane. Wonderful looking stuff.

The whole squad together.

A quick rundown of the items:

  1. Vauen Auenland: The Shire Evening Mixture: Pineapple and walnut flavors are advertised. Sounds delicious. I really enjoyed the original Auenland blend’s peachy nature.
  2. Vauen Auenland: The Shire Morning Mixture: Vanilla, Mirabelle, cappuccino. What’s not to like?
  3. Erik Nording “Handmade” Smooth Churchwarden: Not sure what the “handmade” stamping is all about, but I’ll dive into that when I inevitably review this pipe. It looks fantastic and has a very elegant egg shape to it.
  4. Lane Limited Hoyo de Monterrey: This has absolutely no reviews that I can find. It’s a burley/black cavendish/Virginia blend with a “subtle” vanilla aroma. I’m interested in checking this out very soon.
  5. Lane Limited La Gloria Cubana: Stellar reviews, though there are not a ton out there. English blend with perique. The tin art is irresistible.

Reviews coming soon.

Need pipes, tobacco, and supplies? You might be surprised what Amazon has to offer:

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