Mail Calls

Delivery confirmed.

That feeling when your latest package arrives and you slice it open with your keys a small, sensible knife. If you’re anything like me, at this point you’re greeted with that familiar smoky-umami smell consisting of:

  1. assorted bulk tobaccos in little plastic bags
  2. the sealed tobaccos (whose tin jackets now smell strongly of your bulk stuff)
  3. that faintly burnt smell from your latest estate pipe purchase.

Delicious, isn’t it? Maybe not for some.

Lacking any bulk tobacco blends to incense the box, this latest haul is sadly without odor.

Regardless of your olfactory proclivities, everyone loves shopping online. And in my humble opinion there’s no more satisfying package to receive than one filled to the brim with tobacco and tobacco paraphernalia. Maybe it’s your periodical go-to tobacco bulk order. Maybe it’s a small sample of a blend you’ve been meaning to try. Maybe you’re an American hero insane person and it’s a full pound of some obscure blend that has only been smoked and reviewed by 2 people on the entire planet (the blendmaster and his mother, who both love it btw).

In any case, here’s my latest order, all of which I suppose falls into our second hypothetical situation:

I got this all for like $78. What a country.

I’ve never had any of these (mostly aromatic) guys before. What made me buy them?

  1. Gawith & Hoggarth Rum Flake: This came very well reviewed and I’ve loved Ennerdale, American Delight, and Bob’s Chocolate Flake. I’m also interested to see if there’s any noticeable maple and rum flavor here.
  2. Gawith& Hoggarth Top Black Cherry: Again, love the brand, and I also enjoy cherries. Done.
  3. Samuel Gawith Grousemoor: This stuff was out of stock at a few places for awhile. Lemon grass flavoring sounds interesting. Into the cart it goes.
  4. Gawith& Hoggarth Best Brown #2: Love the brand. Must. Have. Them. All.
  5. Samuel Gawith Brown #4: If you’ve read my Black XX review you’ll know that it absolutely blew me away. This supposedly has a milder flavor, but more tar and nicotine. Mmmmmm…tar and nicotine.
  6. Samuel Gawith Jubilee (2012): This one was a pure curiosity and impulse. Supposedly there’s a champagne casing on it, but who knows if it’s held up for 5 years in the tin. Reviews aren’t stellar.
  7. Vauen Auenland: The Shire: Like Jubilee, another limited release. The peach and citrus flavorings did me in, though reviews state it is more about the leaf here. Seems like a good, mild, pre-game pipe for early in the day. Expensive though.
  8. Wessex Original Brigade: Not a lot of reviews floating around. Obscure and claims to have a cider casing. Gotta try it. Love the understated tin art.
  9. Horst Von Lichter’s Essspressotobak by Vauen: I like espresso and I like tobacco. Match made in heaven.

Expect some reviews soon. This order was mainly to broaden my aromatic exposure and maybe find a new favorite.

Guess I’ll have to order some new mason jars now…

Need pipes, tobacco, and supplies? You might be surprised what Amazon has to offer:

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